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Steering wheel adapters for Shutt

posted in: shutt usa garage, news on November 10, 2008 at 07:57 PM

you will need these

you will need these

Shutt steering wheels use a six bolt pattern very similar to the ones used by other leaders in the industry. We refer people to “NRG innovations” to aquire a HUB adapter for their vehicle, NRG makes HUBs for just about everything out their including some classics. We feel that their product is high quality and compliments the looks our our products well. Once you have purchased the proper HUB for your vehicle and have also recieved your Shutt Steering Wheel, you will be ready to install. After removing your old steering wheel and adding the NRG adapter, you will use the two rings supplied by Shutt with your steering wheel. Ring labeled #1 will be placed first then ring Labeled #2, followed up with the steering wheel.
Make sure to follow all instruction supplied by Shutt and NRG…especially when it comes to installing the horn.



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